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Welcome to the World of Solaris

Welcome to the World of Solaris, a text-based role playing environment (RPE), which is a place where the interaction between players is completely acted out via play-by-post forums. We have a very dedicated community of role players who strive to develop and improve our role playing environment. In one form or another this role-play environment has been an ongoing project since summer of 1996. Participating in the World of Solaris is like working with others on a collaborative story. Each player has a role in the RPE and the more involved they choose to be, the greater their role will be in the game world. We focus on mature and literate role playing to provide a creative outlet for all players involved. We welcome all those who may be interested in role playing.

Current Storyline

An event known as the Rain of Chaos has passed leaving the World of Solaris changed forever. The chaos shards that had been raining down upon the planet from space have stopped falling, and the havoc brought about by them has finally begun to subside. For a time the land had been quiet and somewhat peaceful, but a change was fast approaching. Elyndrel Village was the sanctuary for all the travelers and citizens. The atmosphere of Roshema Village was as temperamental as ever and seemingly out of nowhere another community had sprung to life, Valen'venar. Every day discoveries were made, brand new areas found, and newer travelers from various dimensions seemed to arrive at random. The planet of Solaris was gradually returning to its normal self, and things were well. Little did the citizens of Elyndrel, Roshema, and Valen'venar know that a war was brewing on the other side of the world. Somewhere in the far western regions of planet Solaris there resided a city of the most brutal and sadistic people, the Vegonians. They were getting ready to venture out across the land and take the world by storm, and anyone in their path would fall.

Getting Started

If you would like to join the World of Solaris role playing environment the first thing you should do is visit the Guidebook located in the menu above. It is critical to go over the guidelines and rules before signing up. The Guidebook is full of useful information, especially for new players. The next thing you should do is to visit the Community link in the menu above. Once there, look for the Create Account button at the top right corner of the page. Fill out the information as requested and then wait patiently for your account to be approved by the administration. After you have created an account in the forum community, you should post a greeting in the proper forum, General Discussion perhaps, and introduce yourself. Everything else will fall into place after that. If you need help or guidance, our veteran players will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for your interest in World of Solaris and welcome to our world...

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