The World of Solaris is a text-based role-playing environment. Interaction between players is completely acted out via play-by-post forums. We have a very dedicated community of role-players who strive to develop and improve our role-playing environment. In one form or another this role-play environment has been an ongoing project since summer of 1996. Participating in the World of Solaris is like working with others on a collaborative story. Each player has a role in the RPE and the more involved they choose to be, the greater their role will be in the game world. We focus on mature and literate role playing to provide a creative outlet for all players involved. We welcome all those who may be interested in role playing.

Minor Updates

I have just finished making some minor cosmetic changes to the site. I have also temporarily taken down the Compendium until I can find time to add some more content to it. I feel like having one item in the list of topics is kind of silly, even though I put a lot of time into the one item. I just had to restore the site to a backup I made yesterday. This has removed the mail server I dumped several hours into, so I won't be putting it back up for a bit. A bad forum update did some serious damage to the forums and the SQL database so restoring from a backup was the quickest and easiest route to fixing the problem. We also have a new character, Nasaj!

posted by Steve -- 9:29 PM 7/12/2015
New Additions

Thanks to the players behind Wren and Seric we have a new shop, a new shop type, a new profession and a new job class. Check out the Profession Guide for more information on the Handler profession, which is basically like a pet store owner and operator. Check out the Marketplace to see the new shop "Claws, Paws, and Hooves" and then make sure you check out the new job class, the Beastmaster! The Beastmaster is basically a summoner of the various animals and creatures of Planet Solaris. Also, I've posted up a new quest on the Quest Hub.

posted by Steve -- 10:15 PM 4/13/2015
Prestige points!

I had some extra time this evening so I made some changes to the character section that I’ve been considering for a while now. If you’ll notice, levels are no longer displayed on the character profile, but on the main character page listing. Instead of showing levels on the character profiles, I now show a field called “Prestige”. Prestige points are the extra EXP a character earns once he achieves level 100. As you know, the EXP cap is 10,000 points, and many characters have well beyond that. Prestige takes care of these extra points. The point can be applied to a new character if you choose to make one. If you have an extra 4,200 EXP in your Prestige, you could essentially make a new level 42 character… Or you could make two or more new characters and split the EXP between them. The choice is yours.

posted by Steve -- 8:15 PM 4/6/2015
Revamped Timeline

I have added the World of Solaris Timeline to the main menu for a couple reasons. One, to reduce clutter in the Guidebook and two, I wanted to bring it out for more people to see. I figured if I got it out into the open it would get more attention and the storylines are a critical part of the site's history. In other news I had to remove the sliding navigational menu. Unfortunately the trick I used to get the menu to remain stationary as the user scrolled wasn't fully supported in a couple popular browsers. (I hate IE.) Anyway, I was sad to see it go, but maybe it can return in the future.

posted by Steve -- 9:48 PM 4/3/2015
The World Atlas

I've removed the "World Guide" from the Guidebook and given it an entirely new section called the "World Atlas" instead. I feel that this helps bring out the regions of Solaris a bit more and it may help to maintain player awareness of all the available locations for Role-Play possibilities. I've also gone through and updated some of the sections to make their sub-areas a little more easier to see. (They are nested now as list items instead of the entire page just being a giant wall of text.) Also, I've added another quest! This time from Garr Fengalon.

posted by Steve -- 2:25 PM 3/29/2015
The Quest Hub

I have just put up the new Quest Hub and the first quest. It’s still a work in progress but it’s coming along nicely and I think it’ll give someone something to do if they would like to earn some gold on the side. Just remember that you can do quests solo or with a fellow a player. The more effort you put into a quest the more gold and experience you will earn on that character. The minimum effort is at least 250 words, and I think most of us could do that in our sleep. There is much more to come and I’ve got a long way to go. If anyone would like to submit a quest you can post your addition to the Peer Review Forum and we’ll go from there. If you have any ideas, comments, or suggestions feel free to post them in Solaris Discussion. Thanks.

posted by Steve -- 9:01 PM 3/26/2015
The return of questing

In the World of Solaris a quest used to basically be something to motivate a player into doing a short role-play session. Sometimes it’s difficult to think of something to write about, and that’s what a quest was for. You picked your quest and typed up a session of your character completing the quest. You as the player would then receive a reward of some kind, typically more gold and occasionally an item of some sort. The more I think about it, the more I’d like to bring back questing. I’m planning to do things a little differently this time around though, although the concept of questing in the World of Solaris will still be pretty much the same. Over the coming days and weeks I’ll be working on a new questing system. It will be located in the main menu to your left and when you’re bored you’ll be able to go to it, pick out a quest, write it out, and post it up. The character completing the quest will earn gold along with the typical amount of EXP per word count. The idea is to give players something to do while they’re waiting on a reply in the Role Play Forum. Stay tuned, because more is on the way. Also, if you have any questions or comments please post them in the Solaris Discussion forum to get a topic started.

posted by Steve -- 4:35 PM 3/21/2015
What’s new? A lot.

I’ve decided to change some things up around the site, as you’ve probably already noticed. Number one, I’ve made the entire site fully HTML5 compliant, which is great because HTML5 is the future of the web as far as I’m concerned. So that’s a big thing, a big update, and yeah the site looks a lot different but it’s still the same old Solaris. Another thing you’ve probably just discovered is that I’m now posting news and updates on the front page! I think the front page of Solaris has been greatly ignored for the most part over the years. It’s always been a static page with some basic information to help get people started. Not anymore! I’m going to be posting news and updates here from now on. (I actually used to do this about ten years ago.) I think most of our player’s at this point have probably noticed I’m really focusing on taking Solaris back to its roots. That’s when I personally had the most fun on the site, and even though I know I’ve changed over the years (as we all have) I think returning the site to its roots is a step in the right direction. Too many things changed over the years, many things pushed a lot of people away. I know there’s a slim chance I’ll be able to wrangle up those old players, but that’s not the point. I’m doing this revamp for me more than anything. Solaris is a big part of my life… and it’s pretty much my only hobby besides some PC gaming. To me this step is the best step, and that’s the step I’m taking.

posted by Steve -- 11:43 AM 3/21/2015
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