Welcome to Solaris

The World of Solaris is a text-based role-play environment set on a planet called Solaris. The planet orbits a binary star system in an alternate plane of reality referred to as the Nomaverse. The game world is filled with mixed fantasy elements intertwined with technology and science fiction. All interaction between players is completely acted out via a play-by-post forum. Our small community of role-players always strives to develop and improve our role-play environment.

Participating in the World of Solaris is a bit like working with others on a collaborative story. Each player's character has a role in the world and the more involved they choose to be the greater their role will be. We focus on mature and literate role-play to provide a creative outlet for all players involved and we welcome all newcomers who may be interested in text-based role-play. Solaris is an endless adventure and we always have a new storyline in the works.

We are currently equipped with over a dozen individual character races, seven job class selections, and seven different personality types. Each job class has nearly a dozen unique abilities available to it. Players are also allowed to create completely unique custom abilities and equipment for their characters. This allows for thousands of possibilities and keeps characters completely unique.

If you are interested in joining us in our endless endeavors in the World of Solaris I encourage you to click the "Register" link located in the navigation menu above. Please fill out the form to create a character and read the instructions carefully. Sign up on our forum community and you'll be enjoying unique text-based role-play in no time at all. Thank you for your interest in the World of Solaris!

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